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Intelligent Handling Solutions

Simpro Handling Equipment is a design manufacturer of the following product lines:

Bin Tipping Range

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Simpro Ezi-MT

Simpro Multi-Tip

Simpro Dockmaster

Simpro Dumpmaster

Simpro MegaDumper

Pallet Stackers

Simpro Quikstak 'smart-stackers'

Manual Crate Wizard

Powered Crate Wizard

Custom Projects

Upon request, Simpro has built a range of custom machinery, in both large and small production quantities. Projects include specialist equipment for the food industry and several Materials Handling Elevator projects.


The product range includes a full selection of bin-tipping machines, pallet stackers and lifters and crate stackers to suit nearly any industrial application. Simpro Handling Equipment also has in-house industrial designers with SolidWorks CAD for specialised and custom solutions.

Most products offered by Simpro Handling Equipment incorporate unique, innovative features and have a long-standing reputation for value in safety, reliability and efficiency throughout workplaces worldwide.

If you cannot see exactly what you're looking for on these pages, please send us a message with a brief explanation of your requirements. We are committed to providing solutions that work.


Ezi-MT Bin Tipper

Wheelie bins were not designed to be emptied by hand -  the Ezi-MT was designed to empty them!

Multi-Tip Bin Tipper

Can empty a wide range of bins weighing up to 150kg, at 1.2 or 1.6 metres.

Dumpmaster 'Standard Series'

An ideal solution for emptying bins and drums weighing up to 250kg at virtually any height.


MegaDumper ®

MegaDumpers are available with weight capacities of 450, 600 and 750kg, and up to category-3 safety rating.




Quikstak ®

"smart-stackers" - the self levelling pallet stacker with infra-red height-sensing option.